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What to expect in a Reiki Session
A Reiki session generally takes 50 minutes, in some cases this can take a little longer. You are fully clothed during the session, with soft music playing in the background, however we do request you remove your shoes. If removal of shoes is a problem you can let us know. It is a confidential hands on approach, however this is a gentle touch and does not include any privately sensitive areas within the body. We do practice a non-touch approach at a client’s request. Generally it is carried out on a Reiki table, if this is not suitable to your needs it can be delivered to a client sitting on a chair. A session can invoke differing feelings and sensations for each client. The majority of clients report feeling cold and warm sensations, tingling sensations and feelings of relaxation and peace during and after a session. As the treatment lingers in the body for a number of hours after the session, we ask that you drink a lot of water and try to take a gentle approach to your everyday activities. Clients have reported feeling a heightened sense of emotional activity after a session, which is completely normal given that the energy can be released to areas that might have been blocked within the body and the mind.


Is Reiki suitable for Minors?
Reiki is suitable for all ages however we do request an adult caregiver to be present for anyone 16 or under.


Is Reiki harmful?
Reiki can do no harm because the patient’s higher self is directing the energy flow. The practitioner is merely facilitating the flow of energy, almost acting as a conductor.


Is Reiki a religion?
Reiki is not a religion. It can be defined as a spiritual path.


How long does a Reiki session take?
A Reiki session lasts for 50 minutes.